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The 5-door Spark

A fun, expressive 5-door city car.

  • Seats 5 comfortably
  • Motorcycle-inspired instrument cluster
  • One of the roomiest interiors in its class

from £9,295.00

A small car needn’t have a small personality, of course, and the Spark and Aveodon’t disappoint. Funky styling, motorbike-inspired instrument panels and aux-in ports for MP3 players are the order of the day – our stylish small cars are as vibrant and exciting as the cities that surround them.

Chevrolet’s city car range offers a range of modern, economical engines to help keep running costs down and emissions taxes to a minimum. While compact dimensions and available functions such as Park Assist, enable you to squeeze into the tightest of parking spots.

Dimensions may be compact on the outside, but you wouldn’t know it, once sat inside either vehicle. Surprisingly spacious, both city cars feature their own space-maximizing storage solutions and seating for up to five people.

‘Small’ doesn’t have to mean vulnerable – the Chevrolet NCAP safety rated City Car range

When it comes to safety, expect multiple airbags, the latest in chassis safety construction, and traction control as standard.

Our small city car range also features nippy handling characteristics and perky engine options to allow them to stay out of harm’s way and carve through city streets.

Since traffic is sometimes unavoidable in the metropolis, ‘Start-stop’ engine technology comes as standard on the new Aveo, helping to further improve on fuel-economy.

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