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Even though we do try to avoid using technical terminology across our websites, there maybe times when you may need further help to understand some of the features described on our cars. That's what this glossary is for. Search alphabetically.


Z06 performanc brake system

- Z06 comes standard Front 371 x 33 mm, Rear 365 x 25 mm)

Z07 package -Winglets

- Additional removable front wing spoliers (in conjunction with the clear rear spoiler) help to generate the most aerodynamic downforce of any production car tested by GM (Race track application only, not for use on the public road)

Z51 performanc brake system

- The Corvette Stingray comes with Brembo® brakes as standard. With large steel rotors (345mm front and 338mm rear) four piston callipers they are capable of stopping the Corvette Stingray from 100 km/h in 32.6 meters.