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Let's keep the summer cool!


Destroy the unhealthy air con bugs in your system ...get a system de-bug today!

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Although air conditioning is important in keeping you comfortable in your Chevrolet, regular air conditioning system checks are vital to maintaining effective operation. Over time, mould and fungi build up which can cause unpleasant smells and harbour illness-causing bacteria. An air conditiong de-bug from Chevrolet cleanses your whole system to improve the air quality and provide a healthier environment in your car.

Well maintained air conditioning gives you:

Efficient cool air in the summer

Warm dehumidified air in winter to easily demist windows

Air that is filtered for pollutants and airborne particles

A pleasant, healthy, odour-free atmosphere


For a complete system check, lubrication service and re-gas why not book today by finding your local Chevrolet dealer.