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Get better connected infotainment with Chevrolet MyLink

MyLink is Chevrolet’s new generation of infotainment technologies. It boasts Bluetooth® technology and USB connectivity, so you can:

  • Access play lists stored on your mobile device and hear these over your car’s speakers
  • Display, watch and run pictures, videos and apps on the system’s 7-inch full-colour touch screen
  • Make and take phone calls hands-free

Also with AM/FM radio and convenient controls, Chevrolet MyLink is all set to liberate your life on the road.

Download a quick guide to MyLink here.

Check out the Chevrolet MyLink system - currently available with Aveo and Trax.

Chevrolet MyLink simulator

Use our online simulator to explore Chevrolet MyLink’s awesome capabilities and intuitive operation.

Make the connection

See, touch, go

Monitor and control the entertainment and information Chevrolet MyLink delivers using the system’s 7-inch diagonal touch screen. You can set it to match your own preferences, and you’ll find the interface easy and intuitive – quickly taking you where you want to go. High resolution and vibrant colours bring pictures and videos vividly to life.

Just add your device

Pair your compatible digital device with Chevrolet MyLink and you release the music play lists, contact lists, pictures and videos – even some mobile apps – stored on it. So you can access and enjoy these using the car’s own systems.

Plug in to play with USB

Connecting your digital world to Chevrolet MyLink is easy. Simply plug your USB-compatible smartphone, MP3 player, iPod® or iPhone5® into the USB port. Seconds later your play lists and other data are relayed to the system and its touch-screen menus. So you can safely stow away your mobile device for the rest of the journey.

Bluetooth Streaming Audio

Chevrolet MyLink makes soundtracking your journey quick and easy. It comes with Bluetooth® so you can wirelessly connect your compatible smartphone, then stream your favourite music to the car’s audio system. For more information on which Bluetooth®-enabled devices are compatible with Chevrolet MyLink go to MyLink bluetooth compatibility list.

Set your own soundtrack

To help you perfect your journey’s soundtrack, Chevrolet MyLink reproduces many of the functions you’re familiar with from your smartphone. Use the touch screen to sort your MP3s by play list, album, artist or genre, to create new play lists and much more.

Enjoy more control

Advanced voice recognition

Speak and Chevrolet MyLink obeys. To start a phone call, select a radio station or play music from your compatible smartphone, simply tap a button on the steering wheel and speak a command. Enhanced voice recognition technology, available as a Chevrolet MyLink option, does the rest.

Steering wheel controls

So your hands are always where you need them to drive safely, Chevrolet MyLink features easy-access controls mounted on the steering wheel. Select music, handle phone calls on the move without moving your hands from the wheel.

Tailor it to your needs

You want to spend less time looking and more time enjoying. So to help speed you to the information and entertainment you’re after, Chevrolet MyLink lets you customise your system homepage and create additional ones, with icons arranged most efficiently for your personal use.

Hands-free calls on the move

Chevrolet MyLink lets you live your life while you still keep total control of your car. Connect your compatible smartphone wirelessly to the system’s Bluetooth® and you can safely make and take calls, even access your personal phone book. All completely hands free.

Chevrolet MyLink simulator
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