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Meet the 2012 Car of the year: Volt. The electric car with extended range.

from £35,255.00

Named 2012 Car of the Year, Volt is neither a hybrid nor a battery electric vehicle. It’s a pioneering Extended Range Electric Vehicle (or E-REV). Powered electrically 100% of the time, Volt’s Voltec® electric drive unit keeps going when its lithium-ion battery is depleted, thanks to its on-board petrol powered generator, extending its range to over 300 miles1. And when the generator activates, you probably wouldn’t even notice. The result? The Volt is a car you can use for longer journeys.

Don't forget Chevrolet Volt qualifies for the UK Government plug-in electric car grant of £5,000. Bringing the on-the-road price of your Chevrolet Volt to £30,255.

If you become the proud owner of the new Chevrolet Volt you will be entitled to:

  • 3 years or 60,000 mile comprehensive warranty
  • 8 year or 100,000 mile battery warranty
  • 6 year anti-perforation corrosion warranty with no mileage restriction, at no cost to you.
  • 1 years Chevrolet Roadside Assistance (provided by the AA), at no cost to you

If you have any questions about the Volt, please give us a call on: 0800 923 6000

Map Updates

Be sure to have the latest (2013/2014) map updates for your Volt navigation system. Updating your Chevrolet map software will get you new roads, itineraries and the latest POIs across Western Europe and Czech republic.

Please visit for ordering. Please note you will need to provide your VIN number (click here for a short explanation where you can find your VIN number in your car).

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How the Volt feels to drive

If you can drive, you can drive a Volt. Instead of turning a key, you push a blue button. Rather than looking at dials and needles, 2 interactive LCD screens give you all the information you need.

When the battery is depleted, the range extender takes over seamlessly and instantly. Apart from an alert on the large LCD screen, you may not even notice. This is thanks in part to the great noise isolation and smoothness of the generator. But the main reason is that the Voltec® electric drive unit always powers the car. All that changes is the source of energy that powers it.

More about the Volt’s LCD screens and interior equipment.

4 driving modes: so advanced, it’s simple

  • Normal – the default mode you’ll use most of the time.
  • Sport – for more responsive acceleration than normal mode
  • Mountain mode maintains a power reserve for climbing long, steep grades
  • Hold – this mode, designed especially for Europe, allows you to operate in extended range mode and hold the battery’s charge until you decide when to run emissions-free

Whichever mode you’re using, regenerative braking technology means that the energy from the moving car is re-channelled into the battery system for increased efficiency.

And finally you’ll notice the “oomph” as you accelerate from traffic lights. This feeling is because of the Volt’s electric drive unit, which provides nearly instant torque. Volt goes from 0-62 mph in just 9 seconds. Electrifying.


Volt’s stunning design features

We don’t like to admit it, but we are affected by how things look. And we are attracted to things that look good.

Aerodynamic exterior

Many of Volt’s exterior design features are designed to reduce drag; the sharp-cornered shape, the closed front grille, the bracket-less window wipers and the sporty integrated spoiler. They – and many other features - are all there for aerodynamics, but the fact is they all add up to a car that stands out on the crowded streets.

Luxury interior – the wow factor

On the inside, Volt exceeds expectations of comfort, convenience and equipment. It’s packed with high-end equipment such as automatic climate control wih humidity sensor, DAB radio, keyless entry, front and rear park assist with rear parking camera, and touch-senstive switch-work. All of these examples are standard on the Volt.

Striking ebony interior with white accents and trim

So much about the Volt is dazzling and amazing. This extends to the beautiful leather seats with their distinctive and eye-catching white trim-work. The white on the seats is an aesthetic echo of the centre console and the detailing on the door panels.

See more interior and exterior features in the Volt image gallery.


Volt battery technology

You can charge your Volt from home, either from a normal 230 V socket using the standard charge cord set2 (around 6 hours), or from the optional Home Charging Station3 (around 4 hours).

Battery performance can be affected by extremely hot or cold conditions. The Volt’s advanced lithium-ion battery has an internal thermal management system with active control which maintains its temperature within the optimal range for maximum battery life performance and range.

Volt battery and Voltec® components are safe and guaranteed for 8 years or 100,000 mile, whichever comes first.

For more information, visit the Volt technical specifications page.



As with all things Volt, high-tech features like StabiliTrak Electronic Stability Control with Traction Control and electro-hydraulic front/rear ventilated disc ABS brakes are all designed to prevent accidents from happening.

Should an accident occur, there are 8 airbags to protect you, working together with the car’s advanced safety cage construction with ultra-high-strength steels.

Volt and pedestrian safety: Because the Volt is so quiet, a friendly alert can be activated, signalling the car’s presence to nearby pedestrians.

Volt and electrical safety: Your safety with regard to Volt’s electrical components is also ensured. Here’s one example: you cannot put the car into “drive” if the electric cable is attached.

See the full list of Volt safety features on the technical specifications page.

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