Why we do what we do

There’s more to being an automotive company than building cars, trucks and SUVs. To us, quality, safety and innovation are just as important as — and integral parts of — every vehicle that drives out of our plants. So, when you join the Chevrolet family, you’re really joining a 100-year-old practice of protection, caring for others and evolving technology.

Your peace-of-mind

The number one job of any car, truck or SUV is to get you where you need to go. We take this responsibility seriously, engineering vehicles that are recognized and awarded for their quality, reliability and dependability. And it’s all to help you feel confident from point A to B and all the way to Z.

A better world


Caring about others makes the world a better place. And we care a lot — about supporting cancer research, honoring those who serve, empowering youth and helping those who’ve faced disaster. Care to join us?

A smarter future

Innovation is what drives us forward. From available advanced safety technologies to connectivity and infotainment to vehicle electrification, we’re working to make the road ahead smart, safe and efficient so you can make the most of every mile.

A fresh perspective

Our lineup is full of surprises — all of them pleasant. Just take a look at real people’s reactions to our vehicles. Whether the topic is dependability, design or capability, you’ll find Chevrolet has mastered the unexpected.

A truck that never quits

As the most dependable, longest lasting full-size pickup on the road, Silverado has as many stories to tell as it has miles on its odometer.